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Where teaching is an art. Your children will love the experience!
ICC School Vision
The Institute of Chinese Culture will inspire and stimulate young students to be lifelong learners through immersion of the Chinese language and culture.
ICC School Mission
We believe that each child is an unique individual and that all children can learn and reach their potentials in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Immersion Language Learning Environment for Your Kids

ICC School provides an immersion language learning environment where your child will learn Mandarin Chinese in an authentic setting. All our faculty members are experienced educators who build rapport with children through courtesy, respect, acceptance, and patience.

Toddler Program

Your toddler will develop language and literacy skills in a bilingual setting. Early math and science concept will be introduced through fun activities. Arts & crafts will also be incorporated to engage children’s minds, bodies, and senses. Children will also learn to build relationships with others and develop social-emotional skills. Learning through play is also a big part for a child’s development in this age, children at ICC school will participate in physical play both indoors, and outdoors on playground equipment.

Preschool Curriculum

Your child continues to grow in many ways. At ICC, teachers will support students to develop physically, socially, emotionally, in bilingual literacy, and in thinking skills.

Preschoolers’ language skills develop when they lots of opportunities to listen to and speak with others. ICC teachers talk with children throughout the day in Mandarin Chinese and encourage them to share information, ideas, and feelings with each other.

Kindergarten Curriculum

ICC kindergarten curriculum provides structures and support that enable all students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and habits needed to meet or exceed the standards in reading, writing, listening, and speaking for both Mandarin Chinese and English. In science and mathematics, kindergarten teachers incorporate inquiry and hands-on activities to enhance learning. 


Parent Involvement

It takes a village to raise a child. Your involvement in your child’s early years plays a key role in his/her learning, and ultimately contributes to his/her academic success. ICC school strives to be your partner as your child begins the vital stage of their educational development.

ICC School

The Institute of Chinese Culture (ICC), established in 1970, is Houston’s first Chinese language school. While ICC’s mission is to enhance an appreciation of Chinese language and culture through the operation of a Chinese-language school, ICC school board apprehends the increasing needs of Mandarin Chinese learning in the greater Houston Area and also recognizes the importance of early childhood learning. In 2018, ICC school board decided to embark on the new journey of establishing a Mandarin immersion early childhood learning center for families that desire quality education in a bilingual setting.

ICC Facility

ICC School is located at 10300 Westoffice Drive, Houston, TX 77042. Our Westoffice building has gone through an overhaul and became a state of art facility.

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